Sailing yacht life


Things I have learnt since living on a sailing yacht…

Since my workplace and home are constantly on the move, there have been a few things I have noticed about my current lifestyle. 

  • I have developed OCD. Or somewhat developed on the slight compulsiveness I already had. Living in a small space that is always on the move means objects each have a set place and everything is labelled – even the label maker.
  • I have become more tolerant. People that know me will agree to disagree on this, but living in a confined space with the same people forces you to become placid to highly annoying habits. Today, I am proud to say I am (just about) emotionally strong enough to listen to the sound of people eating.
  • I have replaced normal words. With sailing words – I now struggle going back to the normal world, where left really is left, the kitchen is not the galley and I hang my clothes in a wardrobe and not a hanging locker.
  • I can do most things at an angle. Life doesn’t stop when your home is being tipped on its ear. I have learnt to shower whilst leaning, walk whilst balancing, eat at a 45 degree angle and when sailing my life is subject to multiple non-stick mats.
  • I can handle weather. Mainly because you don’t really have a choice, if your in the middle of an ocean when a storm hits there isn’t a pause button you have to go through it. The good news is, once you have survived a tough storm you will feel invincible – until the next time…
  • I adapt quicker. A sailing yacht with a worldwide itinerary tends to travel to a lot of different places, various continents and with that comes varying weather, culture, food and landscapes. From the Norwegian fjords, cityscape of Seville to underwater in the Bahamas – my constantly changing world means adapting and appreciating difference.
  • And finally, I never want to own a boat. Yes, sailing around the world has its pros and especially being paid to do so and yes its amazing accessing destinations by water which you struggle to see when travelling over land and of course sunsets, sunrises, stars and nature are exemplified by the ocean but I would not own a boat. Knowing the deepest and darkest secrets of boat maintenance and everything that comes with this luxurious lifestyle I think I will stick to it being a job.

July, 2016 (Croatia)

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