“How we spend our day is how we spend our lives…”

I saw #the100dayproject floating around Instagram so decided to give it a go, its a global social project aimed to get peoples creative juices flowing. My artistic creativity lacks, a lot, so I decided to do something I could achieve – photography.

I took and posted a photo everyday of something that happened that day, with the # – #100daysofayachtie and #100daysofasuperyacht. The boat was based in a small fishing port in Costa Rica for most of the 100 days so it was challenging at times to find something different to shoot.

It made me realise that when we start documenting our days, it really makes you think how you spend your time. Do people want to see me scrolling down my phone, watching Netflix, lounging around, working etc, no… So I made it my aim to do something of interest everyday and that way I could take a photo and complete my project.

From taking road trips, chasing waterfalls, canonying, yoga, sunsets, to finding cute puppies,…. 

Check out some of my 100 day posts @gemmaharris3

Here’s to the next challenge.


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