The secret of getting ahead is getting started…


So I started.

Because I am that person that wants to run before they can walk, so next up is to get ahead.

Get ahead of this blogging game, welcome to my blog. I realise I am not the first, I won’t be the last and I know that I am merely an insignificant cog of a huge virtual blogging wheel but hey I’m here, so read on…or don’t.

I’m pretty sure most bloggers have this inspirational post where they look back at why they started to blog but yet their first post doesn’t seem to exist anymore, lost in the realms of menu’s, archives and multiple Instagram accounts. I’m different…(said everyone) No but really, my blog is different to those successful travel bloggers because, well I’m not yet successful…I hear honesty is the key to success.

What is the point of my blog? I hear you ask, well at least I’m guessing by now I haven’t got to the point so maybe you would like to know. I haven’t got a regular brunch spot in Bali-blogger-land, been paid for an Instagram post (@gemmaharris3, should you want to change this), stayed in hotels for free or advertised products. What I have done is travel and be featured for writing about these previous travels.

And I love travel. Travel in all kinds of form, well actually maybe just ‘many’ forms because lets be honest who really gets kicks out of an 18 hour flight to Doha. Travel for me started from a young age, continued into my teens and through my quarter life crisis which brings me up to today (+ 2 years) At 27, I live for adventures, crave new horizons and love documenting them.

This blog will be home to rambles (or well structured thoughts) about my day to day travel experiences, my perfect travel itineraries, future plans and inspiration, as well as an insight into what it is like to live, work and play on the world’s oceans.

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