Blank pages


After an incredible few months traveling the entire length of the long white cloud, we said see you soon, but definitely not goodbye to New Zealand. It was time for the next chapter…in a book where I’m pretty certain New Zealand will resurface as the favourite location. 

These new blank pages has led me back to the home of palm trees, the ideology of paradise, large resorts, an overwhelming amount of Americans, colourful attire, cold beer, steel drums, smiling faces, I could go on (both positively and negatively) – the Caribbean. More specifically to start with St Lucia, joining a catamaran as a chef, with Tom – the driving force and nautical brains of our previous maritime adventures as Captain.

The Caribbean has never been my favourite destination to travel, being in hot climates isn’t my number one priority, I can’t sit on the beach for more than 5 minutes and I have a real thing for changing (mountainous preferably) landscapes. Not that I’m a fussy traveller, working on super yachts has meant you can’t dictate your itinerary and I like that (sometimes). You can end up in places like the Azores, climbing down a volcanic crater on an island I hadn’t even heard of before or sometimes you end up in St Martin, in hurricane season, in a very empty marina… Queue tumbleweed.

So the first few sentences on this new page (I’m living optimistically that my life book will be a lengthy one…) contain some New Zealand dreaming, a 19 day owner trip where 2 restricted diets were followed in quick succession (note; as a yacht chef, that’s not cool),  island hopping but not really stepping foot on land to ending up in a marina ready for the next round of hard work. The future sentences are being thought about daily and perhaps a possible complete storyline change.

Who knows, this main character is somewhat indecisive…





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