Favouritism explained


I have done it, I made the claim (also on Instagram so that makes it even more official, right…) that New Zealand is my favourite country so far, but why? Well I’ve put together and lightly touched on just a few of the reasons why I’ve rated NZ as my number one (note: this is so far, I decided upon making the claim that its actually an unfair judgement until I’ve visited every corner of the earth…)

It’s one big adventure; 

I have never been one to sit around indoors and hate not having anything to do, New Zealand ticks the ‘always something to do’ box as it is the ultimate outdoor playground, with adventure always at your doorstep. You can explore everywhere by tramping tracks, you can chase waterfalls regularly, you can throw yourself down mountain biking trails or white water rivers, kayak clam bays, you can climb up to saddles, peaks and volcanoes, you can run down to lakes, you can walk on some incredible beaches and glaciers (in the same day if you want to). Aside from using your own energy, you can also jet boat, horse ride, helicopter, sail and a lot more…Even if you aren’t physically doing something, even just roadtripping through the incredible scenery was enough to push NZ up to the top of the list. I was fairly hard to ‘wow’ before but now thanks to NZ I suffer to find anywhere as equally breathtaking and continually find myself comparing…”in NZ, well NZ has, NZ looks much…blah I love NZ blah”

It’s a friendly vibe; 

From working with local Kiwi boatyard workers to meeting and befriending new people, the Kiwi’s really do have that friendly and laid back nature they are known for. From air B&B hosts, ordering a morning flat white to getting a speeding fine, everyone gives service with a smile and are always wanting to go that bit extra for you. This isn’t just limited to humans, the wildlife is also a reason for favouritism, although never seeing a kiwi bird…I was definitely taken by ridiculous amount of sheep, the cheeky mountain keas, the playful fur seals and the jumping dolphins. I will have to go back for the whale season so if someone could let the limited kiwi’s left know I will be returning for that at some point, that would be great…

It’s easy to breath; 

With the land area larger than the UK but the population somewhat slightly less, you can really, truly breathe in NZ. The small population of around 5 million means that you can travel without tripping over peoples feet, cars, bags, children…and appreciate the country in its glory, as one of the world’s last pristine wilderness without all the hustle and bustle. The mountains, the lakes, the waterfalls, the volcanoes, the rivers… everything in NZ makes you gain perspective on how tiny you really are in the world. There’s nothing quite like reaching the top of a mountain, looking around at the giant NZ wilderness surrounding you and everything else in your world that you thought mattered just slipping away – whilst being the only couple of people up there.

It’s a great feed;

From city dining, beachside snacking, BBQ evenings, crayfish vans, the best brunch spots, lunchtime picnics, fish & chips, honey tasting at markets, to side of the road flat whites, cosy craft beer pubs, edgy cocktail bars, vineyard drinking there really isn’t a chance to get bored of the way and what you can eat and drink in the country. Its wine producing regions are heavenly, with amazing vineyards stretching for miles you can spend days (quite literally) sampling all that they have on offer. The coffee culture is what fuels those long road trips, and whether you order one from a container cafe at the side of the road or a luxury cafe in Wellington, they pride themselves on their famous flat white and justice they do it.

It’s sweet as; 

From writing this post I’ve realised I could go on forever and without NZ tourism board actually paying me to market their country… I think I will stop for now. As I reminisce more about the road trips and adventures we had more posts will follow but for now, thank you NZ – thank you for your amazing scenery, your quirky mountain towns, your vibrant cities, your remote and perfect wilderness, everywhere in between and above all, your attitude.



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