Taste buds reminising


So sitting here in St Lucia, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at the Capella resort last night, they claim a ‘tapas’ menu. We were somewhat disappointed in the Caribbeans version of tapas and it got us reminiscing about Europe and some of the incredible food we have had there. This then moved onto general European thoughts, so thought I would put together what a perfect weekend exploring Valencia looks like, spoiler; theres a lot of food spots involved… 

Favouritism explained


I have done it, I made the claim (also on Instagram so that makes it even more official, right…) that New Zealand is my favourite country so far, but why? Well I’ve put together and lightly touched on just a few of the reasons why I’ve rated NZ as my number one (note: this is so far, I decided upon making the claim that its actually an unfair judgement until I’ve visited every corner of the earth…)

Blank pages


After an incredible few months traveling the entire length of the long white cloud, we said see you soon, but definitely not goodbye to New Zealand. It was time for the next chapter…in a book where I’m pretty certain New Zealand will resurface as the favourite location. 

Looking back (and not in anger)


All good things come to an end and after 35 months of good things, we have traded in our boat uniform for unemployedwear and have finished on sailing yacht Chimera. We started on the boat in West Palm Beach, Florida and have finished in Auckland, New Zealand and definitely did not take the most direct route here.

Oh (why) Vienna?


Having spent the last few years in a hot climate at Christmas it was time to go back to the UK and before going home, a European Christmas market trip was in order. Few destinations gear up as much for Christmas as Vienna does, so off to the Austrian capital we went. 

Life out of the water


Its not often working on yachts that you get the chance to live on land. However luckily for us the boat needed some serious tlc and after living in a small cabin for 3 years straight we needed some too, so we moved off the boat and into a top floor flat overlooking Auckland’s viaduct.

Sailing into adventures


I have always had the constant urge, freedom and adrenaline to chase adventures. This has come from the itch to do something different, other than your usual office job. This desire for a lifestyle on the move drove me towards the sea, a sea which so far has been anything from flat clam to extremely unforgiving. Working on yachts has offered me almost too many to county sea-based adventures, from paddle-boarding in Montenegro, scuba diving in Tahiti, kayaking in Norwegian fjords to water skiing in St Lucia – the list is constantly expanding.