The Atlantic to The Pacific


Our Panama Canal Transit in a few simple (comparable) facts… 

  • Cutting across Panama, the Panama Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean for 48 miles, allowing ships and yachts to pass through without having to go the long way round…We left from Colon, went through the Canal and ended up in the Pacific – a day later.


In a nutshell

A 20 something who accidently landed a desk job and decided to call it quits on the conventional. After finishing university, completing a ski season and having countless adventure on various continents I was left staring blankly at a lifelong ‘normal’ career path, with no idea about where I wanted “to see myself in 5 years.” This lead me to the high seas – thankfully not as a pirate.

I traded in my (somewhat brief) city life for living and working on a billionaires sailing yacht cruising the world’s oceans. Over the past 2 (ish) years I have clocked up around 20,000 nautical miles, completed a Mediterranean summer circuit as well as a winter stint in the Caribbean, 3 Atlantic crossings, crossed into the Arctic Circle and visited countless ports and anchorages along the way.  I am in pursuit of constant adventure, excitement and ever changing landscapes, this current home facilitates these needs perfectly. In short, I crew a yacht for a living and write for a passion but am keen to merge the two together.

I now have zero commute to work, I need my salary for very little and the only constant is change. The contract term of a “worldwide itinerary” was (unsurprisingly given my itchy feet) at the top. I see new places, if not every week then certainly every month. With new places, brings a selection of everything else ‘new’ – smells, sounds, tastes, sights, landscapes, culture and people.

From a young age, family holidays spoilt my appetite for travel – think husky dog sledging in Canada, cycling the lakes of Europe to learning to ski. Since then I have been constantly in search of adventure and new places. I have already been extremely lucky, seeing some of the world’s most amazing places and continue to do so both on and off the yacht.

I now say yes to (almost) anything. I go to the top of things, even though I am scared of heights. I sail large oceans, having never sailed before. I learnt to love to dive, after having multiple ‘freak outs’. I decided to pursue my passion to write, understanding it is one of the hardest industries to break into.

This is a space to share my travel experiences and photography, in hope to inspire travel to places that perhaps previously wouldn’t have been considered.

Exploring the world one step at a time


There is nothing better than experiencing a new place for the first time whether it is in the form of a remote island, a world wonder, a new city or a village in the mountains. From a young age I have always craved travel, moving as far as I can, whenever and however. Taking every opportunity, from being spontaneous to having meticulous itineraries I have covered a fair amount of countries and aim to keep doing so. My travel posts are as varied as my experiences, from top things to see and do, 24-hour itineraries and more general posts.

Current location: Palma, Mallorca

Crossing the pond;take 2


To be able to explore the world by sailing yacht, you have to undergo the small task of crossing large expanses of water, one of those being the Atlantic Ocean. After a summer spent in Europe we are leaving behind Lanzarote and heading south to warmer waters of the Caribbean, specifically, St Lucia.



Post Atlantic Thoughts


I have learnt that there are different intensities of blue beyond bright blue. I have watched dolphins play and whales breach from arms length. I have seen sunsets, which look graphically enhanced. I understand the differences between “rolling” and “pitching” in heavy seas. I have lost the concept of time. I have sailed the Atlantic Ocean.