Looking back (and not in anger)


All good things come to an end and after 35 months of good things, we have traded in our boat uniform for unemployedwear and have finished on sailing yacht Chimera. We started on the boat in West Palm Beach, Florida and have finished in Auckland, New Zealand and definitely did not take the most direct route here.


Oh (why) Vienna?


Having spent the last few years in a hot climate at Christmas it was time to go back to the UK and before going home, a European Christmas market trip was in order. Few destinations gear up as much for Christmas as Vienna does, so off to the Austrian capital we went.Β 

Life out of the water


Its not often working on yachts that you get the chance to live on land. However luckily for us the boat needed some serious tlc and after living in a small cabin for 3 years straight we needed some too, so we moved off the boat and into a top floor flat overlooking Auckland’s viaduct.