Sailing into adventures


My constant urge to chase adventures has stemmed from the compelling itch to do anything but your usual office 9 till 5.

Currently this desire for a different type of lifestyle has driven me to the sea, a sea which so far has been anything  from flat calm to extremely unforgiving. Working on a sailing yacht means the opportunity for sea-based adventures is kind of a given – from paddle-boarding in the Med, diving in the Bahamas, kayaking through Norwegian fjords to water-skiing in St Lucia – the list is constantly expanding.

I hope that my sea related posts give you an insight into life on-board sailing yacht Chimera.

Current sea status: On the dock in Tahiti



The Atlantic to The Pacific


Our Panama Canal Transit in a few simple (comparable) facts… 

  • Cutting across Panama, the Panama Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean for 48 miles, allowing ships and yachts to pass through without having to go the long way round…We left from Colon, went through the Canal and ended up in the Pacific – a day later.

Crossing the pond;take 2


To be able to explore the world by sailing yacht, you have to undergo the small task of crossing large expanses of water, one of those being the Atlantic Ocean. After a summer spent in Europe we are leaving behind Lanzarote and heading south to warmer waters of the Caribbean, specifically, St Lucia.

Post Atlantic Thoughts


I have learnt that there are different intensities of blue beyond bright blue. I have watched dolphins play and whales breach from arms length. I have seen sunsets, which look graphically enhanced. I understand the differences between “rolling” and “pitching” in heavy seas. I have lost the concept of time. I have sailed the Atlantic Ocean.