A day off in the Pitons

If St Lucia has ever been on your radar; whether it be a bucket list destination, a past holiday or seen in the media you would have probably come across the iconic Pitons. As a lush, green island St Lucia proudly hosts these two peaks, which  sprout out of Soufriere, giving the country – and its local beer – a distinct trademark.

Having been to St Lucia once before on a family holiday and having never been up the pitons I was excited to get the chance this time, whilst docked in Rodney Bay. After much debate about choosing which one to climb, we headed to the taller of the two, ‘Gros Piton’. Let me define ‘taller’, the peak itself is taller at 786m, although considered an easier climb compared to the ‘Petit Piton’. The Petit Piton is climbed by adrenaline junkies and or experienced climbers clinging onto tree roots crossing large crevasses at certain parts on the way up. With wanting to spend the rest of the day enjoying the Sugar Beach, we decided to stay safe and hire a guide who would take us (hopefully safely) up the Gros Piton trail.

The trail started in the small village of Fond Gens Libre and slowly inclined with bouldering rocks and tree roots in the way. The halfway point made for a prime Kodak moment, facing the Petit Piton and overlooking Soufriere. With our local guide keen on being our photographer for the day, there were many (posed and sweaty) shots to be taken. As the walk progressed so did the incline, luckily in true Caribbean spirit we had a lovely rain shower to cool us down before reaching the summit. The summit poked out of a lush and thick rainforest. Unfortunately at the top it was a bit too cloudy for a perfect view but all the same after a hard hike in the heat it was extremely pleasing to reach the top – with perfect views along the way.

The way down was tempted by a well deserved relax in Sugar Beach, the extremely well situated beach resort. Nestled between the pitons this luxurious resort has a perfect stretch of white sand connecting the base of the two pitons. We relaxed on the beach with an aptly named Piton beer – or few.

January, 2016 (St Lucia)

Shots of St Lucia


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