A month spent in Gibraltar

Although only 24 hours is necessary…

This chunk of rock, or more affectionately known as ‘Gib’ has been safeguarded from the Spanish by us Brits for more than 300 years. Boasting a strategic gateway into the Med position, tax haven status and monkey fuelled tourism. Roughly sized as a 3 by 2 mile peninsula, rising up to above 1300 ft it is compact and easy to explore.

A typical day exploring this little slice of England would include the following;

  • Take an early morning walk up the rock, to avoid cruise shippers take in the view of two continents at the same time.
  • Stay clear of the Barbary apes, monkeys which look playful but will very quickly turn nasty.
  • Visit Casemates square for a taste of seaside Britain; fish and chips, pies, bangers and mash, curry’s at every turn.
  • Stroll through the main shopping street, visiting familiar British high street stores minus the sales & VAT taxes.
  • Enjoy a sunset cocktail at ‘The Rock’ hotel.

June, 2015 (Gibraltar)

MORE: 5 cool things to do in the British Mediterranean: Gibraltar  


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