A Grenada tick-list 

After leaving Valencia, on our way across the Atlantic, we had to make brief stops at both Lanzarote and Grenada. Having only visited a few of the Caribbean islands, each one unique and holding certain likes and dislikes for me I was keen to explore another new one, especially as we had a week here waiting for Hurricane Otto to pass through – the pro’s to bad weather!

First off, be sure to get in touch with a local taxi driver to take you around for the day, its definitely the easiest and by far the cheapest way to do it. If you book separate tours which include transportation, they tend to work out much more expensive. Also with a local taxi guide the whole day, you can tailor your day exactly how you want it and go to the best spots at the best times.

Take a dip

On the edge of the forest reserve on the western side of the island sits Concord Falls. This waterfall is great for a dip and jump off into the refreshing pools especially when the stifling Caribbean heat is at its hottest. These falls are made up of 3 waterfalls, the first one is very easily accessible by road although if you are up for some hiking, head further in the other 2.

Get spicy

Head to Gouyave where you can tour around the nutmeg processing co-operative. Unfortunately due to previous hurricane impacts nutmeg is now no longer Grenada’s biggest export and production has slowed. However on the tour you get to see the way nutmeg is processed and if nothing else the smell is overwhelmingly good.

Rum, rum and more rum

When it comes to rum productions, rum distillery tours and general drinking of rum, Grenada is the place to do it, with plenty of productions going on around the island. If you just have time for the one, head to River Antoine they have been churning out bottles since 1785. Although this isn’t for the faint hearted, at the end of the interesting tour around the distillery you will be given tasting samples – be aware here they make a rum so strong that you can’t take it on an aeroplane, although acknowledging their way into the tourist industry they also make slightly weaker ones now… The chocolate one is a must try!

Under water life

I’m definitely not advising this after the rum tasting tours however it is a must if in Grenada (and possibly a morning activity), head under the water and snorkel or scuba dive the underwater sculpture park. This is the world’s first underwater sculpture gallery, founded by British artist Jason De Caires Taylor, there are now around 80 life size sculptures. A really great and unique experience to see how the fish and marine growth is interacting with these sculptures.

Sweet endings

As well as spice and rum, don’t leave without also trying the chocolate. Grenada grown and farmer owned, jouvay chocolate has been rated the best chocolate in Grenada (and I agree). The Diamond Chocolate Factory is where these little bars of heaven are produced, check out their organic cocoa farm, try out the testers and have a look around the factory before buying bars to take home.

November, 2016 (Grenada) 

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