Lanzarote: Do’s & Dont’s 

When an island is commonly known as ‘Lanzagrotty’ it is hard to be upbeat about your arrival onto it. As the Canaries 4th largest island I pictured package tourism, English fry up’s and drunk tourists craving year round sun – I wasn’t completely wrong although also pleasantly surprised. Boasting a UNESCO reserve status, the island is stark, dramatic and otherworldly with its volcanic landscape.


Hire a car: allowing you to explore the island, driving through countryside, mountains, vineyards and dramatic volcanic landscapes whilst avoiding the crowds.

Visit Timanfaya national park: This volcanic wonderland is Lanzarote’s masterpiece. Unfortunately you cannot drive around it yourself so you have to succumb to the coach trip tour around – still impressive all the same.

Escape the crowds: With your own car, driving in and out of the small villages allows you to get away from overpopulated southern coastline. Head to Papagayo beach for a less hectic beach experience.

See the view: Head to the most northern tip of the island to the Mirador Del Rio, a great viewpoint with views over the smaller island of Graciosa.

Eat & drink: In November, Teguise hosts their big gastronomy festival, which is worth a visit. Complete with various stalls and demonstrations by local restaurants, tapas bars and local cheese and wine producers.


Be fooled: By the wind, it is a recipe for skin damage disaster here. Year round Lanzarote is a hot destination, so take lots of suncream.

Ride a camel: In Timanfaya national park, just for your enjoyment.

Book a tour: Best to explore this island yourself… enough said.

November, 2015 (Lanzarote)

Shots from Lanzarote 


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