A luxurious Saturday in Palma 

With the boat hauled out and in the yard, it was time we got some long weekends to take advantage of. Spending roughly 6 weeks in Palma it would have been rude not to explore what it had to offer and the rest of the island. Our time off here ranged from days spent exploring Palma, weekends driving around the island to search for unexplored (or at least quieter) corners to further afield in Madrid and some time spent back at home.

One Saturday in particular which seemingly trumped the rest was seeing Palma by air. We took a helicopter ride with Balearic helicopters to see the island from a new perspective. Seeing the island from above was great, from the imposing and impressive cathedral to the thin strips of golden sand and the vast Tramantana mountain range, this was definitely sightseeing with a difference.

After back on stable land in what seemed like merely minutes rather than our 30-minute ride, we went for a walk in the old town and cocktails before our evening reservation at Simply Fosh. A street level bar wouldn’t do after our helicopter experience so we headed to Hostal Cuba, their rooftop bar is perfect for sundowner cocktails with views overlooking the bay.

To finish up our day of living luxuriously, we headed to Simply Fosh, Marc Fosh’s Michelin restaurant in the old town of Palma. We chose the tasting menu paired with wine – as all indecisive people should – the cuisine here can be described as creative Mediterranean and reasonably priced for the seasonal produce served. The sleek monochrome interior, courtyard area and first class service add to the experience here – a must for anyone wanting a special meal in Palma.

June, 2016 (Palma)

Shots from Mallorca

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