Views from a Scotland convert 

For a summer itinerary, Scotland was never near (or anywhere) near the top of my ‘island hopping’ destinations. My stereotypical island need for fresh pina coladas, sun shining through palm trees and my toes submerged in white sand was soon to be overhauled after 3 weeks spent in the home of tartan and whiskey.

The drizzly mist and occasional sunshine resulting in frequent rainbows was the perfect setting to cruise and explore the Scottish island landscapes. After being blown away by Norway’s rugged and dramatic personality, its somewhat softer Scottish neighbour had a lot to live up to and it did well, really well intact.

My reasons why you should choose Scotland

  1. Get away from it all. Staying on the Isle of Lismore for the weekend where there was only one café seemed surreal in today’s busy world, but it is extremely refreshing to be cut off and to have some real time out. The islands are a perfect time out spot for rest and relaxation.
  2. Picturesque walking. Boasting beautiful scenery of lush greenery and dramatic mountains littered with sheep and horses make for a premier walking destination. Step up the walking pace with some fell running. The island of Kerrera, just off Oban has some great walks and even one trail that ends with tea and cake.
  3. Idyllic boat trips. Island travel isn’t complete without at least one boat trip excursion. Stopping off at the uninhabited Staffa Island and into Fingals sea cave was breathtaking, surrounded by the unique structure of its dramatic basalt everywhere makes you feel tiny in comparison.
  4. A Photographers paradise. With near to 800 islands dotted around the country, you will never be short of a picturesque panorama. With various subjects around such as granite grey rocks, lush greenery, hilltop castles, photogenic sheep to the colourful houses found in Tobermory be sure to have your camera. The varied weather can also make for perfect light conditions framing your photo in the best way. Scotland is one of the most photographed countries in Europe and you will be able to see why.
  5. Back in time. The country is steeped in history, with evidence surrounding the landscapes, especially that of castle ruins throughout the islands. There is a reason that poets and artists frequently visited for inspiration.
  6. Weather that keeps you on your toes. Forget the typical Caribbean sunshine, Scotland has everything to offer think rainbows, moody mist, sunshine, interesting cloud coverage to snow on mountain tops there is never a day the same around the islands.
  7. Island re-fuel. Scotland’s rural and coastal landscape with its temperate climate allows for a great range of food production, from fresh fish to the popular (or not so popular) haggis. Wash down fine food with one of its many whiskies, the islands full of distilleries waiting to be toured.

September, 2015 (Scotland)






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