Why you will fall in love with Seville 

The approach to the city certainly wasn’t love at first sight, the cruise up the Guadalquivir River was far from exciting, the heat overwhelming and the views underwhelming, which didn’t make for the best of combinations.

These first impressions became quickly forgotten when we reached the charming Andalucian capital. Seville had never really featured on my ever-expanding and never-ending travel ‘to do’ list however I am extremely glad it ended up on it. Why I fell in love with the city;

Because you can walk everywhere

Don’t be fooled by the horse drawn carriages or the sleek tram system, which runs through its cobbled streets, Seville, is compact enough explore on foot. It is also the best way to explore, winding your way in and out of the narrow cobblestone streets you will stumble upon each and every one of Seville’s top attractions in between the orange tree shaded delights.

Because the sky is perpetually blue

Not that you need the sun to shine on Seville for it to be beautiful but the sun really adds to its glamour and its vibrant lifestyle and laid back scenes. To take shade from the stifling heat there are plenty of opportunities head to the green lungs of Seville, the Parque de Maria Luisa. The days are long during the intense summer, allowing for more time to explore in daylight and to get into the locals time zone of dinner plans starting after sunset, around 9pm.

Because the architecture is stunning

Elegance and extravagance seeps through the streets of Seville in the form of its stunning architectural style. Unlike most cities, the old and new town are clearly distinguishable but in Seville the old town is the town, lacking in any business district feel and industrial high rises. This hub of everyday life is centred around some of the cities best architecture, a mix between medieval and Moorish with the intricate detail of the Plaza de Espana and the Real Alcazar’s picturesque gardens you will not be disappointed. Wandering around Seville you could quite easily have been transported to a surreal illustrated world. Every city boasts an impressive cathedral but Seville’s takes the ticket. From the old to the new – or just weird – the Metropol parasol is labelled by locals as the “mushroom”, a timber structure providing an observation deck and much needed shade.

Because you will never go hungry

Streets full to the brim with local cafes, gourmet restaurants and a never-ending amount of tapas bars. For me, choosing tapas answers the dilemma to all my lifelong problems, goodbye menu indecision and food jealousy and hello to a creative spread of small dishes, which compliment cold beer and or red wine perfectly well. In Seville tapas bars come in various forms; casual, friendly, local, sleek, vibrant and (god forbid) touristy. We also found one in the form of a craft beer bar – beer made on premises and the ultimate tapas dishes

June, 20115 (Seville)

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